Sunday, January 26, 2014

Remember When I Blogged?

That was before this happened
And that was SEVEN months ago. WHAT!?

Wesley has been determined to outpace his sisters in all his endeavors. He started by being bigger (much, much bigger, so big...). He cut his two bottom teeth at 4 months, and then the top two front teeth broke through at 6 months. He first rolled over (at his first modeling job for Combi Mini) at 2 months, but thankfully was not consistent at that until 4 months. But then he started scooching and army crawling at 5 months and now is a full fledged crawler. And a champion smiler.
He loves to get into his sisters legos and chew on them, to find paper and chew on it, to find clothes and chew on them.
Not to be outdone, the girls are also getting bigger and cleverer and funnier and lovelier everyday. Here's proof:
 It has been so fun to watch Clara blossom as she has learned to play more imaginatively. The other day while both Ellie and Wesley were napping, I was working on her quilt and she was "making me lunch." She narrarated the whole process for me and prompted me with my lines, which were generally saying "Wonderful, wonderful!" everytime she did something. Then we sat down together and had a lovely plastic and felt lunch. She loves her brother, but sometimes terrifies and terrorizes him with the intensity of her love. Most recently she loves to pretend that she is Ana, and Ellie is Elsa, and Wesley is Olaf from "Frozen." And she'll knock on the door and sing "Do you want to build a snowman?" It would melt my heart everytime, except when she does it during Wesley's naps and sings so loud in the genkan (entry) that sometime she wakes him up.
Ellie's getting so big! Literally, the little skinny-minny's legs are too long for the pants that fit her waist. Thankfully my wonderful mother taught me to sew, so I can cinch in her leggings so they aren't saggy (because nothing says fashion backward like saggy leggings). She continues to love to draw and dance and sing. She's nearly memorized "Let it Go" from Frozen and within the next few days she wants to record a video of herself singing it to share with her family and friends, so be on the look out for that (it's a sweet, hysterical thing to watch). She loves to make pictures to give to her friends and always wants to take cookies to our neighbors (whom we can't even communicate with!). She's taught herself to write all the letters and numbers and loves to have me spell out words for her to write down to make stories. The other day while I showered she had me spell out an entire story about herself as the fairy princess of Candyland who defeated the dragon that smashed her castle and the people's houses by cutting off his head, and afterwards she put the roofs back on the houses since she could fly. She also illustrated the book. I should scan it in...
But long story short, she's a clever cookie!
And then there's Ben, wonderful, hardworking Ben. Thankfully he's only doing one master's class this semester, but we are doing Drama Club. He continues to be the executive secretary in our ward and is an invaluable resource for the new bishopric (and me). I'm still the Relief Society president and I feel like it's all I can do to keep my head above water right now.
But we did get a babysitter for our anniversary and went to dinner (delicious tonkatsu) and saw "Saving  Mr. Banks" which was awesome.
Sadly, I cannot find a recent picture of us here's one from our family photo shoot by our wonderful friend Rebekah Peterson:

6 years and three kids and 0 fights. I'd say we're doing pretty good.