Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out and About

We've been trying to get out and have lots of fun while waiting for baby Clara to make her grand entrance into the world. We've been the pool and several parks and an impromptu stop at the beach.
Random tidbit-this swimsuit was given to her last year, it's a 12-18m and it just now fits her right.

My mom and I at Kannonzaki park.

There are hydrangeas (ajisai in Japanese) everywhere, but these are slightly different and we don't know exactly what they are.  Does anyone else?  They are gorgeous that's for sure.

At little respite.  It was wicked hot!

We walked right by the beach on our way back to the car and decided to try it out. It was Ellie's first time at the beach and she liked scooping up sand with shells more than dipping her toes in the water!

Ben says I don't look pregnant from behind...
But I definitely am!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ben informed me early on in this pregnancy that I couldn't start any nesting projects that would throw me into labor and require him to go home from the hospital to finish (with the help of Crystal and Aaron) before the baby and I could come home.  Like last time, when we started refinishing cabinets.  It was a mess.
At any rate, this time the sewing bug hit me hard.  Here's the proof.

Clara's blessing dress
 For Ellie's blessing dress, I taught myself to embroider.  For Clara's I learned how to do silk ribbon embroidery.  I did what are supposed to be cherry blossoms across the waistband. I discovered that ribbon embroidery goes a lot faster than the normal kind!
Cherry blossoms.
 I also made Ellie a "rainbow dress" for her birthday (she'll be 2 on July 10!).  I was inspired by this skirt, and created the pattern by laying a current dress on some tissue paper and tracing it...very carefully. She is super excited to have a party with balloons and cake.  She talks about it frequently.
Dress front.  Sorry it's sideways.

Dress back.
There have been various other little projects I've worked on, and many I've actually completed (amazing!). I also made myself a's not maternity and I'm hoping to wear it for the 4th of July.  We shall see!

Ben the Dad

Ben's a great dad.  Here's proof!  It's all in Ellie's face.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Morning

Ellie has moved to a big girl bed and has done quite well!  It helps that she can't yet get up and down by herself.  So in the mornings when she wakes up she sits on the edge and calls for "mommy...daddy" and sings to herself until someone comes.
But this morning she took it to a whole new level.
She only looks sad cause she wanted the camera
I swear she went to bed fully clothed. And even she she woke up with the sun this morning and Ben went in to lay her back down she was still dressed.  She even pulled down the changing pad to change her diaper.

How we love this little hooligan!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hanging in the There

Ben says this belly looks fake.  I assure you, it is quite real.
35 weeks my friends. We're on a single hand countdown now. School gets out on June 16th, and Ben and I both agree that anytime after that is just fine.  Though my mom will arrive on the 22nd, so that would be even more convenient.
I'm nearly finished with the baby's blessing dress.  I did some silk ribbon embroidery on it, which was really fun.  I did cherry blossoms, and I'll post pictures as soon as it's finished. I just have some hand sewing to do so that all the seams are encased.
And Ben says this on is weird cause I look so out of whack.
Anyway, I'm really excited for to have another girl! As many of you know, I didn't grow up with any sisters, just four younger and now taller brothers.  They are awesome! But I think it will be fun for Ellie to have a little sister (and sometimes not so fun, but that happens no matter what kind of sibling you have!). 
Well, whenever she gets here, we'll be ready!
And I wish I had thought to put on mascara...