Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Okay Mommy

Several weeks ago we had a lesson in church about...something...I can't really remember the specifics, but I do remember the impression I had from the Spirit during it.  I've been struggling with scripture study lately. Like everyone else, I've got a lot on my plate right now. I felt impressed that I really must get up at 6 before the girls get up (which is usually at 7) so that I can have real scripture study and a bit of exercise.

I'm trying. I feel like mostly I'm failing, and that mostly it's not my fault.  Because my girls keep getting up early, and they are still tired and cranky when they do.  It's a struggle.

Today was particularly difficult. And then Ellie didn't want to lay (or is it lie...) down for a nap. And then Clara woke up in the middle of hers.  But eventually we worked it all out. I even got in a little nap, since Ellie HAD to have me lay down with her.

And somehow this makes it all worth it the struggles.

I truly am so thankful for my wonderful daughters.  I'm learning things about life and myself that are hard and wonderful and eternal.

I'll keep getting up at 6, I promise. As long as every time I cry out in frustration Ellie will still pat my cheek and say, "It's okay, Mommy. Don't be sad, it's okay."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The End of an Era

I have to take a moment and celebrate the end of the finger sucking era at our home.

Eleanor started sucking her fingers around 3 months old, and it has been her go-to source of comfort since then.  Which got pretty nasty to think about while we were in China...but anyway...

Eleanor was sick with some pukey bug the week before Christmas, and as usual would suck her two little fingers to comfort herself.  And then she got a callous on her index finger, which quickly started to look a little infected.  She understands now what an owie is, and that if she leaves it alone her body will make a "body band-aid"-aka scab-and it will get better.

So we told her she couldn't suck her fingers because she had an owie and her body needed to make a body band-aid so it could get better.  At first we had to remind her every time she popped her fingers in her mouth, but we were consistent which helped a lot. 

Then she started self discipling, saying "No Ellie, don't suck fingers. You have an owie" whenever she would start to suck on them.
And voila! No more finger sucking.  I am one happy mama.

6 Months

I cannot believe it has been six whole months since Clara made her triumphant entrance into the world and into our family.

She is such a happy baby, unless you leave her alone in a room.  She wants to be where everyone else is-quite the social butterfly.

She is rolling over now, but only from her back to her belly. So she gets stuck and puts up quite a fuss when she's done being on her belly.  She's getting close to sitting up on her own.
Trying out cereal for the first time.  I think Eleanor was more excited about it than Clara was.
 She takes a pacifier, something Ellie never did. I'm so glad she does, because I don't want to deal with finger sucking again (btw-Ellie quite sucking her fingers!)

Seriously though, we can't get enough of this girl's smiles!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Go to the Temple

On Dec. 30th we had the opportunity to go up the Tokyo Temple with our friends, the Ewings, who were both receiving their endowment in preparation for being sealed this summer.  Their daughter Zohie is about 16 months old, so the heroic task of watching all three girls fell to Ben while I was Brenda's escort through the temple.

First of all, it must be said that Ellie talks about going to the temple all. the. time.  We have a picture of the Las Vegas temple hanging over our TV and we talk to her about how we were married there, but I've never felt like we discussed the temple lots and lots.  But whatever we did, it stuck. Which is great.  She also talks about her friend Zohie everytime we drive by their tower, which is everytime we drive onto base. So when we told her that we were going to go to the temple with Zohie she could not have been more elated.
Next to the temple is a stake center/hostel, called the Annex, and we reserved the nursery room there for Ben to watch the girls while we were at the temple.

I felt so blessed to be there with Brenda as she went to the temple for the first time.  Mostly because, as a nursing mother, it's hard for me to get to the temple.  I haven't been since before Clara was born, especially since it is a two hour drive away.  The moment I walked in I felt the most wonderful peace, and I knew that the whole experience was going to be special for all of us. And it truly was. I know that I had some profound moments of feeling the Spirit and the Lord's love for me, my family, and the Ewings.

Ben wants me to be sure to note that he was by himself with three girls 2 and under for FOUR hours and fifteen minutes, two of which are still nursing.  And don't take bottles. Ben was awesome.  All three girls were happy when we got done. He's amazing. Feel free to drop him a line telling him so. I do. All the time.

Happy New Year

Today after dinner we sat down to set some goals for this new year. Eleanor now thinks that goals are numbers that you can color in.  But here are some highlights for our goals for the coming year.
Learn to walk
Sleep through the night
Get those teeth in already!

Get potty trained
Be a good big sister to Clara
A blue goal (these are the ones she wanted to color in when we asked her what goals she wanted to set)
A brown goal

Get up at 6 so I can exercise and have more effective scripture study
Finish projects that I have already started (c'mon, that stupid quiet book has taken 2 years now)
Climb Mount Fuji

Stretch every morning
Better family/work balance
Attend the temple once a month

Family Goals:
Finish paying off student loans in March (woot!)
Read from the Book of Mormon together everyday (we purchased one of the picture ones to read with the girls)
Find someone for the missionaries to teach

Here's to a great new year!

PS Japan started this year off with a party-a 7.0 earthquake. Granted it was 300 miles off the coast, but we definitely felt it in the middle of Sunday School. What a fun ride!