Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Today after dinner we sat down to set some goals for this new year. Eleanor now thinks that goals are numbers that you can color in.  But here are some highlights for our goals for the coming year.
Learn to walk
Sleep through the night
Get those teeth in already!

Get potty trained
Be a good big sister to Clara
A blue goal (these are the ones she wanted to color in when we asked her what goals she wanted to set)
A brown goal

Get up at 6 so I can exercise and have more effective scripture study
Finish projects that I have already started (c'mon, that stupid quiet book has taken 2 years now)
Climb Mount Fuji

Stretch every morning
Better family/work balance
Attend the temple once a month

Family Goals:
Finish paying off student loans in March (woot!)
Read from the Book of Mormon together everyday (we purchased one of the picture ones to read with the girls)
Find someone for the missionaries to teach

Here's to a great new year!

PS Japan started this year off with a party-a 7.0 earthquake. Granted it was 300 miles off the coast, but we definitely felt it in the middle of Sunday School. What a fun ride!

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