Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Morning

Ellie has moved to a big girl bed and has done quite well!  It helps that she can't yet get up and down by herself.  So in the mornings when she wakes up she sits on the edge and calls for "mommy...daddy" and sings to herself until someone comes.
But this morning she took it to a whole new level.
She only looks sad cause she wanted the camera
I swear she went to bed fully clothed. And even she she woke up with the sun this morning and Ben went in to lay her back down she was still dressed.  She even pulled down the changing pad to change her diaper.

How we love this little hooligan!

1 comment:

  1. She is too cute! How do you keep her in bed when it's time for bed? James is soo not ready for a big kid bed. She seems so skinny, just like James, everytime he breaths in you can see his ribs. He certainly doesn't get the skinny gene from me.