Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out and About

We've been trying to get out and have lots of fun while waiting for baby Clara to make her grand entrance into the world. We've been the pool and several parks and an impromptu stop at the beach.
Random tidbit-this swimsuit was given to her last year, it's a 12-18m and it just now fits her right.

My mom and I at Kannonzaki park.

There are hydrangeas (ajisai in Japanese) everywhere, but these are slightly different and we don't know exactly what they are.  Does anyone else?  They are gorgeous that's for sure.

At little respite.  It was wicked hot!

We walked right by the beach on our way back to the car and decided to try it out. It was Ellie's first time at the beach and she liked scooping up sand with shells more than dipping her toes in the water!

Ben says I don't look pregnant from behind...
But I definitely am!

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  1. It's a lacecap hydrangea. We have them in Seattle too and I love them! I had actually taken a picture of them and took it to the nursery to get a name for them. Lol.