Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ben informed me early on in this pregnancy that I couldn't start any nesting projects that would throw me into labor and require him to go home from the hospital to finish (with the help of Crystal and Aaron) before the baby and I could come home.  Like last time, when we started refinishing cabinets.  It was a mess.
At any rate, this time the sewing bug hit me hard.  Here's the proof.

Clara's blessing dress
 For Ellie's blessing dress, I taught myself to embroider.  For Clara's I learned how to do silk ribbon embroidery.  I did what are supposed to be cherry blossoms across the waistband. I discovered that ribbon embroidery goes a lot faster than the normal kind!
Cherry blossoms.
 I also made Ellie a "rainbow dress" for her birthday (she'll be 2 on July 10!).  I was inspired by this skirt, and created the pattern by laying a current dress on some tissue paper and tracing it...very carefully. She is super excited to have a party with balloons and cake.  She talks about it frequently.
Dress front.  Sorry it's sideways.

Dress back.
There have been various other little projects I've worked on, and many I've actually completed (amazing!). I also made myself a skirt...it's not maternity and I'm hoping to wear it for the 4th of July.  We shall see!


  1. I would love a how-to on the ribbon embroidery. the dress is beautiful!

  2. I would like to buy clothes from you.. Some day! Must.Have.Girl!! And I SO appreciate that the colors are in roygbiv order! It makes me crazy when people take liberty with the (perfectly perfect) rainbow!

  3. I would love to learn how to do ribbon embroidery too. Where/how did you learn? (those dresses are beautiful!)

  4. Beautiful. You didn't talk hardly at all about how this pregnancy and delivary went in comparison to the first. I guess second time around was a peice of cake? Opps, I mean a peice of pie!