Monday, June 6, 2011

Hanging in the There

Ben says this belly looks fake.  I assure you, it is quite real.
35 weeks my friends. We're on a single hand countdown now. School gets out on June 16th, and Ben and I both agree that anytime after that is just fine.  Though my mom will arrive on the 22nd, so that would be even more convenient.
I'm nearly finished with the baby's blessing dress.  I did some silk ribbon embroidery on it, which was really fun.  I did cherry blossoms, and I'll post pictures as soon as it's finished. I just have some hand sewing to do so that all the seams are encased.
And Ben says this on is weird cause I look so out of whack.
Anyway, I'm really excited for to have another girl! As many of you know, I didn't grow up with any sisters, just four younger and now taller brothers.  They are awesome! But I think it will be fun for Ellie to have a little sister (and sometimes not so fun, but that happens no matter what kind of sibling you have!). 
Well, whenever she gets here, we'll be ready!
And I wish I had thought to put on mascara...


  1. You are carrying so much in front and not at all low that it does almost look like it is fake. Good luck with the last few weeks and finishing up the blessing dress. I still remember how beautiful the smocking was on Ellie's! You are amazing to make another one, cause I'd probably recycle the first one! My sisters and I were all just blessed in the same one.

  2. it totally looks fake. lol, i feel like ths will be me. i can totally understand you wanting that baby out!

  3. That little girl needs to DROP!! Sisters are the best! I'm glad they will have each other.. Although, life wouldn't be complete without a brother or two... We'll wait to talk about that though!