Monday, March 16, 2009

Pi Day and the Burgeoning Belly

That would be an interesting book title...

For those of you not so math-minded as Ben, this past Saturday was Pi Day (it being March 14, aka 3.14 which is pi). So we made pie at our house. I think it was the first time I ever made pie all by myself. We bought some frozen pie crust, but I made the apple filling from scratch. It was pretty fun, and I must say it turned out pretty good, though I had a little too much liquid, so we spooned some if it out after we ate our Pi day pieces.
And for loved ones far away that are wondering if I'm starting to show, I have proof. This first is a picture at at 15 weeks.
And this is at 22 weeks
And this is fun times with the belly.


  1. I knew this day would come!!! (not pi day)..I'm talking about "Summer being fatter than me" day! Oh little Ellie, I love you already! :)

  2. I love Pi Day! What kind did you make? Cute pregnancy pics, too.