Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A quick question

How does everyone get those fun backgrounds on their blog? I haven't had time yet to sit down and figure it out. So I thought someone might be generous and just tell me how. I want a cute/sophisticated blog too!


    you can go to this web sight (its one of many) and it has really great step by step instructions on how to do it, it also has ones to pick from. . . its really easy and fun. The first one takes time to do but after that you will be changing them all the time. :O)
    PS i totally read your blog . . . i know im a blog stocker! its what makes me so great!

  2. All my fave backgrounds I have seen are on They are free. Just copy the code you like and paste it into your layout.

  3. Don't bother...most people just get your blog feed through reader and it doesn't show up on there anyway...but maybe that's just me

  4. I like Good luck!!

    And way to go little brother!!