Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blue bonnets

I grew up in Nevada, and I learned a lot about the state symbols of Nevada in 3rd and 7th grade.  I even know our state song. 
Tangent:  nearly everybody I know that grew up in Nevada knows the state song.  I can't say the same about anywhere else (in fact, I don't think I've met more than 10 people that know the Utah state song, and I know a lot of people from Utah). 
Nevada's state flower is the sagebrush.  It's a bush.  Not pretty, though it smells lovely, particularly after rain.  Certainly not for taking pictures in at any rate.  But the Texas blue bonnet is great such things!

Observe:  ridiculously cute baby sitting in a green field speckled with indigo colored flowers.  Quite picturesque. (these two were taken by the side of the road in Anna, TX after grocery shopping)

Last Saturday we went to a trail in Plano, ostentatiously named "Blue bonnet Trail."  I think they had recently mowed it.  There were some bluebonnets right at the beginning, but then is was just along stretch of green grass studded with metal electrical pylons.  A little dissappointing, but we had fun together, and we took these pictures.


  1. I love bluebonnets! That's awesome that they have a good trail full of them... when they aren't mowed over. P.S. I think most Californian's know the state song... even if they don't think they do, I bet if someone started singing, they could join in.

  2. Really? Did you forget about me and Kansas... "Home on the Range." I sing it all the time. Meadowlark is the state bird and the state flower is the Sunflower, hence the nickname the "Sunflower state." I learned it all in 2nd grade and have yet to forget.