Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catching Up in China: Nanjing

After our highly eventful time in Beijing, it was nice to go to Nanjing and take it kind of easy.  Crystal and Aaron are living there, so we stayed in their apartment and saw fun things around the town. First of all, a little history on Nanjing.  Before the Communist revolution, it was known as Nanking.  Pearl Buck lived here from some time with her husband. It was one of the ancient capitals of China. It was also where the Japanese invaded China just before the start of World War II and massacred hundreds of thousands of Chinese (but more on that later). And it's air is cleaner than Bejing, though the drivers are still crazy!
Puffing Food-click on it to see it larger
And of course, full of Engrish.


  1. Hey! I sure hope you guys are all safe. We're praying for you and the area.