Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catching Up in China: Nanjing Part 3

We next visited the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Park and Museum.  This was probably the most fascinating, enlightening and disturbing thing we visited.  Neither Ben or I knew anything about this event in history.  When the Japanese were launching their imperial campaign in the 30's, China was one of the first places they invaded.  When they invaded Nanjing, they proceeded to massacre over 300,000 Chinese in about six weeks, not to mention all the other atrocities that tend to accompany such a campaign.  It was hard to see the Japanese presented in such a negative life, because we (especially Ben) have such a love and respect for them.  It made me think about how missionaries to Germany must have felt when concentration camps were discovered.
It also made me realize how little I really do know about world history, no matter how much Ben thinks I do!

Statues leading up to the museum.

There was a series of statues depicting various people trying to flee.

We didn't really take pictures inside the first museum.  It was mostly exposed archeological digs of mass graves.  It seemed to disrespectful.  But the cool thing was that outside the museum was a garden of peace with a beautiful sculpture depicting peace.

As we worked our way to the next museum (which focused on the actual events of the massacre), we were reminded of how famous Ellie was in China.

Entertaining her fans

The guard tried to hold Ellie. She would have none of it.
I was so grateful for this opportunity to to learn more about event in history. While saddening, it was so enlightening. 

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