Friday, July 29, 2011

Eleanor Turns Two

Happy Birthday!

We had a rainbow party at our house on July 10 to celebrate the birth of sweet, crazy Eleanor. We had rainbow balloons, rainbow cake, a rainbow dress and other various rainbow themed presents.  She was in heaven. So were we.  She's been talking for about a month about how she's going to have balloons at her party and a rainbow cake.

Here some pictures from the event.  We were so lucky to have my parents and my brother Andrew here to celebrate with well as Clara!

Bringing down the birthday girl from her nap to balloons!

Balloons!  You can't see it, but we made a rainbow arch balloons and that's what she's looking at.

Party hats from thee 100Yen store.  A must.

A potty.  She even was using the tissue paper to "wipe" herself and then stuffed it in the potty.

The long awaited Rainbow Jello Cake
It didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned it, but it was still tasty!

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  1. Wow! Eleanor is talking and using the potty? I'm so jealous. James knows about 40 words but only uses 10 on a daily basis, the rest of the time he screams. For his birthday he licked the frosting off, then after one bite of the cupcake he threw it on the ground. He can be so exhasperating sometimes.