Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Preview

We went to a little Halloween party today, which Eleanor was terribly excited for.  When I told her last night that the next day was Friday and we were going to a party with our friends she got so excited she almost started crying. Especially when I reminded her that she would get to wear her princess dress.  And that Clara would be a chameleon.
Super excited
She initially wanted to bring her "princess pot", but luckily thought better of it.  Though perhaps we'll let her take it tomorrow to the trunk-or-treat to collect candy in.
Or course, once we got there she was extremely reticent and didn't want to play with anyone for a good 45 minutes, which is strange for her. Then I realized she was yawning constantly. Oh, well.  She got coloring and then playing outside on the playground and she was a happy camper.  She hit the pinata, but when it finally did bust open she wasn't at all interested in joining the scrum of kids scrounging up candy (though we did get some later).  Before we even got home she was out like a light.
Though this one wasn't. She was just happy to be in on the fun. Okay, I realize that she looks mostly like a frog, but if you could see the curly tail in the back it would be more apparent that she's a chameleon. Like Paschal.
Tomorrow Ben and I will wear our King and Queen costumes.  We'll definitely take a picture of our cute little royal family to share.

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