Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Pi Day

March 14 is known as Pi Day to all the geeks of the world, that includes us.  It's Pi Day.  Pi is 3.14.  Get it?
So of course, I made a pie, and apple pie to be precise.  It was awesome.  It would have been even better if we could get our hands on Granny Smith apples, but they only carry three types of apples at the commissary, and that wasn't one of them (golden delicious, jonagold, and fuji for those who are curious).  I digress...
It's not burnt on top, the caramel stuff is just browned

The missionaries joined us for dinner and even provided a little Pi day spiritual thought.  It was from 3 Ne 14:15 (get it...3.1415) which is about recognizing false prophets vs. real ones by their fruits.  They brought a pie too.  It looked lovely with whip cream on the top.  It was made of sand.  It was a great lesson and we all got a kick out of it. 

But we ate my pie.

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