Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Epic Family Home Evening on Tithing

As many of you are aware, Eleanor and Clara have done some modeling while we've been here in Japan. Like this
 and this
 Seriously, how cute are our girls!?
So this means that they have earned some money, and it's no small chunk of change. So we finally got all of their "paychecks," cashed them and exchanged the yen for dollars. And then we had the world's most epic FHE lesson on tithing.
Yes, those are Franklins. 
Of couse, they have no understanding of how much money was sitting in front of them. Ellie just liked to count how many there were. And Clara just wanted to grab things.
But we did have a great lesson talking about how much we have been blessed and how we want to give back to Heavenly Father so he can bless and help other people too.
But, they now both have tithing slips to turn in next week. And they both have made more money this year than me.

We also told them how we would save most of the money (like 95%), but they could each pick out a fun thing to buy. And the first thing Ellie shouts out is, "A big shovel!" So later this week we'll go to the 100Yen store and get that big toy shovel and rake that she's been asking for since the beginning of spring. Yeah, we're big spenders over here.


  1. Cute :) Way to go babies! Work those smiley dimples!

    And way to go tithing :) You're a great mom, Summer.

  2. awesome way to build the college fund now, oh and teach about tithing. i'm surprised though that in japan they don't have, well...japanese kids as their models.

  3. man... I gave a dollar when i was 8 and thought i was a tithing machine!
    you should have done it with 1's or 5's... sweeeeeet