Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice Skating in Yokohama

Sometime in the last month or so Ellie has gotten it into her head that she wanted to go ice skating; I think it was from reading "Angelina Ballerina Ice Skating" (or something like that). At any rate, she's been asking and asking, and we know that there is a small outdoor rink in nearby Yokohama. We thought about going during Christmas Break, but the girls were sick nearly the whole time.
Suiting up
Finally, this Saturday we were able to go. Eleanor was ecstatic. I was a little worried that she would get out there and be afraid that that would be the end of our adventure.  But she LOVED it! They had skates small enough for her (though not for Clara) that were double bladed, so balancing on them was much easier. And she even got to wear a helmet (she kind of loves wearing helmets). Ben took her around the first few times, hold her hands and helping her figure it out.

Clara standing on the ice admiring the twinkly lights.

 Then Ben sat out with Clara, who just enjoyed being out and about and admired by all the Japanese girls there. I took Ellie around and she was a riot!

She even started wanting to do it alone and she did pretty good, more or less walking on the ice. When Ben went back out with her she did a full lap all on her own.
We had great fun, that was almost spoiled by a miscalculation of Yen on my part, but miraculously I found another 1000Y in my bag (which is about $8, just as an FYI). Anyway, we completed the evening by getting dinner, at least for the girls, at a "kombini" or convenience store. They are everywhere in Japan! Ellie and Clara both thought it was the greatest treat. Sure made us feel like good parents instead of like a mom that can't count.

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