Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lewis Family Third Annual Art Party

We hosted our Third Annual Art Party on June 25th, the Saturday smack between Girls' Camp and our flight back to the States. This year it was all watercolor themed. I had purchased some liquid watercolors and wanted to try them out (btw-they are awesome, but probably easier to use in smaller groups).

First, we dyed white large table napkins. They kids had lots of fun choosing colors, though I wish we had pre-folded and rubberbanded all the napkins.

Then we did "Watercolor Science." We gave the kids crayons, salt, and liquid glue to use to manipulate their watercolor painting. It was really interesting to see the effects...and the spills!

And last of all we decorated cupcakes! And promptly consumed them. This was probably their favorite part.

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