Monday, December 1, 2008

The Feast and the Family

Ben and I spent our Thanksgiving with my family, mostly the Konold side (my mom's family) in Las Vegas. We had a blast hanging out with all of the crazies! Though we most decidely fit right into that category. This is us at 110%. My mom and all the other Konold women put together an amazing feast that was enjoyed by about 40 people (I think that's how many were there). My favorite part, aside from the food, was the younger grandkids and great-grandkids requesting to sing "I am a Child of God" as one of the "opening songs" since they didn't know "For the Beauty of the Earth."
It was really touching to see them all up there singing right along and conducting us. They are all such wonderful kids (especially when they aren't accidently beating each other up).
Jonathan was really brave and brought his girlfriend Kim to the family Thanksgiving. She comes from a big family too, so she was used to the mass chaos. She is pretty awesome.
The twins (my Aunt Rachel's boys Todd and McKay), gave us some great before and after dinner entertainment. Or in other words, these were some cute pictures that I have to show off.
Todd just waiting to start eating.
My mom and McKay, who devours his food with two spoons.
All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. It is so good to remember how blessed we are with a wonderful, loving family on all sides, with good jobs, education, a car to get us there, lower gas prices so we could afford it, and great food. Heavenly Father truly blesses us in every season!


  1. Looks like you had a blast!!!! So happy for you! We are truly blessed.

  2. What is up with your family dating people that look exactly like them?? You and Ben look so much alike and I think your brother and his girlfriend look a lot alike too! I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving. :)

  3. Well, Hello! I just found your blog through Tiffanie! So glad you are doing so well! You are the best.