Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Rocks!

My family is really into rock climbing and rappelling. My first time rappelling as a 4 year old and my dad had to pull me down because I didn't really weigh enough to make gravity do it. So with my dad and and Philip, Jonathan, Kim, and Ben, we went off to Red Rock (just outside of Vegas) during the Thanksgiving break and did some climbing!
Ben has never been rappelling, and only done rock climbing inside. So this was a new experience for him. And he did great!
I was a little more cautious than I usually am since I was about 8 weeks pregnant at the time, but I still topped out on the climb!
After scaling his rock, Ben got daring and did a little rappelling. He said this was way scarier than rock climbing. But he thinks he'd do it again!
Generally speaking, we're just really tough! But safe, cause we've got hard hats on. (Which is good since Philip knocked off some sandstone from the rock face with some of his antics).
I love that Ben is willing to try crazy things with me, or because of me. He's pretty awesome that way!

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