Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things I Did

Once upon a time, there was a princess whose industrious mother gave her a beautiful quilt top for either her 20th or 21st birthday (the princess was a slightly forgetful girl). The princess desired to develop the same kind of industry she observed in her Queen Mother. So she said she would hand quilt the blanket. All she wanted to do was a simple grid design, but, as mentioned before, the princess was plagued by the demon of forgetfulness. She worked on the quilt sporadically, till finally, in the middle of her 26th year, she finished the horizontal lines of the grid. The princess recognized her own weaknesses, and called it good enough. Perhaps one day she will bind it, and leave it as legacy to her children to complete the vertical lines. The lesson she learned; she doesn't have patience for handquilting. The end.

From Sept through the beginning of December I had the opportunity to be the stage manager for a new play produced by BYU called "Houseboat Honeymoon." I really enjoyed my experience, though it was sometimes rough. I loved my cast and I learned so much! Here I am on our set (yes, there was a houseboat in the middle of the stage), just chillin' in one of our cheap hammocks. How do I know they are cheap? Because all three broke at some point during the three week run of the show and had to be replaced. This particular orange one broke in the middle of the show as a character was struggling (on purpose) to get out of it. It turned out to be pretty funny.

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