Monday, February 2, 2009

Recent Obsessions

So as my pregnancy progresses (I'm officially at 16 weeks today), I find myself craving and obsessing over things previously overlooked. Some of my most recent things include:

Palmer's Lotion for stretch marks. It's not that I'm afraid of getting stretch marks, since I've never been one to bare my stomach anyway. I've always gotten very dry skin during the winter, and now it is ten times worse and my skin is more sensitive. Thanks to my sister-in-law Melissa introducing this lotion to me because it hasn't given me any trouble. And special props to Ben for putting lotion on my back every morning after I shower. Not only do I get moisterized, but I get a little massage out of it too. I have the best husband.

Maternity Pants. I'm only just starting to show, but I only have two regular pairs of pants that still fit (as long as there is an elastic in the buttonhole). So I've bought some maternity pants. I'm in love. And I can breathe. And now there is alittle less pressure on my already taxed bladder (I know, it's just going to get worse).

Sour Patch Kids. I just think they taste really really good. Sour and sweet all in one. I'm a happy camper.

Chips and salsa. Now, Ben will tell you that I was already obsessed with chips and salsa, which is true. But now I really need it. Yep, it's a need.

Arby's Beef and Cheddar. I've always liked Arby's, but I have never craved it before. And now I do. Too bad I crave the most expensive fast food out there. Oh well, it's tasty.

Beef. I've never craved beef the way I crave it now. Chicken tastes funny to me now, so give me beef. It's what's for dinner.

Nalgene/Water. The junior high I work at gave us all "green" Christmas presents. The best part was the Nalgene bottle. I drink two of them every day, if not more. That could partially explain the frequent trips to the bathroom. But water is great. And so is knowing that I've downed 64 ounces of it! Go me.


  1. love your post. It's very strange what your body craves while you're prego. I went thru many different phazes with each of my 3. All 3 I craved SALT (tortilla chips and salsa), peanut butter (I would just eat it straight from the jar) and toast with butter and grape jelly.
    Also good 'maternity pants' are sweatpants with the adjustable sting waist and yoga pants, both 'adjust' to the belly getting big and also post-baby.
    Only 24 more weeks to go!!

  2. You're totally normal! You're craving salt and iron, both things the baby needs. The iron will also be important post baby while breastfeeding (if you decide to go that route) I craved Big Mac's and I think it was the ewwey goowey cheese just like in the Arby's sandwich. Glad that Ben is such a good hubby, I never doubted it. Glad the lotion helps!!

  3. Okay, so while I have never officially met you, I have adored you online as Ben's cute wife. I was friends with Ben back in California and was also up at BYU. I saw the link to your blog and wanted to read it. You are too cute! Congrats on the baby! I didn't know about it yet. Your blog is a fantastic composition of personality, wit, wisdom, and pictures. Oh, and by the way, hi I'm Amy. Let's be friends. My blog is Btw, your quilt is gorgeous! I'm impressed.