Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Babysitting Sugar "Babies"

This weekend we babysat, or pet-sat I guess, our friends' sugar gliders. We've known Steve and Melinda since we were all in the same singles ward together, so it is really fun to have them in our regular ward.

Well, they went to St. George, so we watched their pets, Ginger and Rambo. I keep calling them sugar babies, maybe cause they are tiny but maybe cause I like candy.

Sugar Gliders are nocturnal marsupials native to eastern Australia. They have a flap of skin between their limbs that allows them to glide around. They move super fast. One of our favorite things is to watch them zip around in circles in the cage.
I've learned to wear long sleeves because they have tough claws that help them hang in all sorts of precarious positions.

Initially Ben had the most success luring them out of the cage to play in the evening with yogurt treats, but since then I have become their favorite jungle gym.
I find that this happens with children too. Maybe I have some sort of "jungle gym" pheromone that only children and animals can smell.
At any rate, we've had a lot of fun looking after them. They are really easy pets and very adorable. I'll be sad to give them back, but glad to get the floor space back (since we didn't have much to begin with).


  1. I have never even heard of these little critters. Looks like fun!!! But I am not so sure about them climbing all over me.

  2. Ugly. and PS...can you elaborate on what exactly is a "regular ward?" What does that mean for the church meetings I have been going to the past 10 years? Irregular? hmmm...

  3. You're right. Regular wasn't the right word. I thought about a "married ward" but not everyone is married. It's just a ward I guess.

  4. Summer! We just heard the great news. Congratulations! We are so excited for you and Ben. When are you due?

  5. I didn't even know you had a blog until I saw you were following mine! :)

    I think sugar gliders are so cute!!! I used to want some, but we settled for a cat. I bet they were fun to have around