Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day in Panguitch: 2009

Every year during Memorial Day weekend, the Konolds (my mom's family) make the annual "Death Trek" to Panguitch, Utah. It's not called that because it's hard. We camp at a KOA with real bathrooms and showers and just generally hang out. But we go to see our dead people. Otherwise, why would we go to Panguitch? There isn't much there. This was Ben's first time coming since it snowed last year and we canceled it.
We arrived on a drizzly Friday night and only Crystal and Aaron (my cousin and her husband) were there yet. We built a smoky fire and hung out until my mom and dad showed up with my niece and nephew at about 11 pm. Everyone else came in the morning.
We slept surprisingly well since we were able to shove our futon mattress into the backseat of the car.
Saturday we enjoyed lots and lots of rain. Then it rained some more. On Sunday we scrubbed up and went to one of the local wards for Sacrament meeting. Then we drove out to Red Canyon, which is by Bryce Canyon, and walked around. It truly is amazing how beautiful the creations of God are! Panguitch really is a lovely place, if small.
On Monday we headed out to the cemetary to clean the graves of my great-grandparents (Maxine and James Ercil Henrie), my grandpa (Rudy Konold), and my sisters (Sierra and Cheyenne). It is always fun to see the littlest additions to the family helping out. Here is my niece Miriam helping my mom water the flowers at my sisters' graves.

We always take a family picture afterwards . This year Daniel, Megan, and Andrew couldn't come because of work, but we have been so blessed by the recent additions to the Brown clan (namely Ben, Kim, and not-yet-born-babies Eleanor and ?(Daniel and Megan are expecting their third in October)).
This is our family there just two years ago, right before Ben and I started dating, and while Jonathan was still on his mission. My goodness how things have changed (plus we got t-shirts this year thanks to Uncle David and Aunt Karen).
After doing our cemetery duty, we went to Henrie's Drive In and then to the park for a little nap and some volleyball.

I always enjoy spending time with any part of my family, including my new Lewis side. I am so thankful for the restoration of the gospel because it not only provided me with the knowledge that my family can be forever, but the priesthood power to make it happen as well. Though we are generally quirky and crazy and loud, I love my family and I can't imagine heaven without them. God be thanked for the glorious gift of his Son that makes the plan of happiness possible!
And I just liked this picture of Ben, so I end with that. He's pretty celestial husband material!


  1. Why else would you go to Panguitch? Ouch! I love Panguitch! Of course, I still have LIVING family there, so I guess that makes a difference! :-)
    I need to get my family doing something like that on Memorial Day. We have plenty of family buried there and near Mesquite that we could do something neat either way, and I think it must be a great lesson for the little ones about ancestors and reverence for family.

  2. You should also mention that it is the place of your is one of my homes (even though i've never lived there) since home is where the heart is and part of my heart lies is beautiful country.

  3. I'm glad you survived. Looks like a fun weekend. P.S. Cute background.

  4. Summer you're so funny. Looks like a fun weekend. I'm thankful for the gospel, too. Together forever with our families, what better gift could God have given us besides the atonement?