Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A New Belly Picture

I'm officially at 30 weeks now, so we took another belly picture. The other night Ben was trying to get Pie to "play" with him (kick so he could feel it), and he put his mouth up to my belly and said, very authoritatively, "Pie, this is your father. Please kick me in the head." It was great. For those who may be unaware, we have no intention of actually naming our daughter Pie, it's just what we call her in-utero, and have since we found out I was pregnant (we plan on naming her Eleanor Lee Lewis).
We had our appointment yesterday and the Dr. Dewey, our OBGYN, said that we couldn't ask for a better pregnancy, that it was beautiful. That is extremely comforting after nights like Tuesday when I wake up at 4 am because my back and hips hurt and then can't fall back asleep for another hour because of all the kicking and jostling in my belly. I'm okay with it as long as she comes out happy and healthy, which seems to be the case so far, given all the action.


  1. I'm glad "Pie" won't be here real name ;) Looking good Summer! I hear you about the hips and kicking and hurting though- I'm 32 weeks along and REALLY anxious to get to 40!

  2. You look so cute! Just think, at least you are getting more sleep now than you probably will after Pie becomes Eleanor).