Friday, June 19, 2009

Update: The Blessing Dress

Since I've had very few real responsibilities the last few weeks, I spent a lot of time working on the blessing dress. I could have (and probably should have) done the dishes more frequently, but if it is any consolation I did them directly after finishing the embroidery on the dress this morning. In the process of doing the embroidery I have watched at least two movies (Princess Bride, and Deep Impact), and 4 documentaries (China's Lost Girls, March of the Penguins, The Story of 1, and Guns, Germs, and Steel). I feel smarter now. Kind of. So here it is. The practically finished masterpiece (I won't put the snaps on the back until she is here, because I want to make sure it will go over her head. The thing is, I was really supposed to put in a zipper, but I loathe putting in zippers and I don't think it will be necessary). The dress in it's entirety. I didn't want a plain white one. What would be the point of spending so much time embroidering if no one could see it!? Plus, I just like colors--lots of them.

A closer view of some of the embroidery. I did pink, yellow, coral, and blue roses. Again, colors!

This is a detail of the lattice work smocking I did for the yoke. Really folks, it's ridiculously easy. A little time consuming, but nothing terribly difficult. If you can hold and pull a needle and match together dots, you can do it.

Here is a very close up view of the embroidery. I did satin stitch for the roses, except the centers, which are stem-stitches and colonial knots. And the leaves are fly stitches. I have know idea why I'm explaining all this, except perhaps to make myself feel accomplished. Well, I do. I cannot lie. I'm pretty proud. But mostly I'm excited to see exactly who it is that will wear it! 4 MORE WEEKS!


  1. Summer, that's amazing! I love it! I need to learn some of your amazing skills! :-)

  2. I love it!! Simple and beautiful. I am so glad you are enjoying your time before the baby comes, she is a lucky little girl!

  3. Beautiful! Did you do the embroidery by hand? Or do you have one of those amazing computerized sewing machines that does embroidery?

  4. It's a beautiful dress, and I love the touch of color the roses add. You've always been quite the seamstress. Also congrats on the precious little one that gets to come to such a talented mom!

  5. Simply stunning. Can't wait to see a picture of your little girl in it.