Monday, September 14, 2009

2 Months Old and Ben's Business

Ellie is officially two months old. To celebrate, I tried make a video where she smiles at the right spot when I sing "If you chance to meet a frown..." She really does too, it's pretty funny. But I've noticed something about our darling daughter. She's a bit of a ham. I've pulled out the camera several times to do this, and she just starts grinning every time. I really shouldn't be shocked; look who she has for parents (and grandparents at that). So you'll just have to believe me when I say she does smile on cue during that song. It's adorable. In the meantime, here are some still photos of the cutest, silliest grin ever.

And asleep. How we love her. (PS. I made the hair bow. I'm pretty proud. I cut up some old white knee high and voila! headband for hair bows.)

While I've been at home making hair bows and taking pictures, Ben has been hard at work building up his tutoring business. And he is seeing some tremendous growth. He has even purchased a domain name and has an online site all about his business and thoughts on learning math. You can visit it at His dad-who is a fantastic graphic designer and illustrator-designed a logo for him, which now graces his business cards, website, and letterhead. I'm pretty proud that all of his hard work is paying off and he is doing more of what he loves, teaching. Go Ben.
(and Go Cougars!...we watched both games and are working hard at teaching Ellie the fight song)

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  1. She's a keeper Summer! Good luck with Ben's business. Brian started his own in July too, fixing computers and printers- its stressful, and building it takes time, but in the long run we hope it will be worth it! I'm sure you guys are going through the same thing!