Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Gems from Celeste

I love it when Ben comes home with good stories from school, like the following...

Student 1:  Mr. Lewis, have you ever gotten drunk?
Ben: No.
Student 1: Never?
Ben: Nope, never
Class: Whoa...
Student 2: Have you ever even had alcohol?
Ben: Nope
Student 2: Not ever a tiny sip?
Ben: Nope
Class: Whoa...
Student 3:  Have you ever smoked?
Ben:  No.
Student 3: Not even once?
Ben: Not ever.
Class: Whoa...
Student 4:  Mr. Lewis, I gotta question for you. 
Ben: Yes...
Student 4: Have you ever changed your oil?
Ben: No.  But I want to learn how.
Class: Whoa...

1 comment:

  1. Gotta love students' inquisitive minds. So funny to think of Ben as Mr. Lewis instead of Ben though, lol.