Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reasons to Love Texas

Every once in a while there are things I really miss about living in Utah (I can't really say too much about Nevada since I haven't actually lived there since graduating from high school in 2000).  Besides family and friends, I miss the Macey's grocery store, being able to walk to two large and wonderful libraries, mountains, and having just about everything within walking distance.  But I really do love living here in Melissa, Texas (google that, it's about as big as it sounds).  Ellie and I went grocery shopping the other day (couponing is a new favorite pasttime), and to do so requires visiting a few other towns since Melissa doesn't actually have a grocery store.  The trip prompted some thoughts about a few things I really enjoy about Texas.  So here is my list:
1.  Feeling like you're a foreigner living abroad.  Not because Texas is so different, or even because it thinks it's really big (hello Alaska!).  But because everyone has such wonderful Texan drawls in these small Texan towns.  As I was carrying Ellie in the carseat into the grocery store in Anna TX, one of the employees was pushing in a cart and offered it to me, saying(imagine the drawl), "Doya needa buggy?"  To which I replied, "What was that?"  "Doya needa buggy?" he said, pushing the cart towards me.  "Oh, yes, thank you."  Yeah, a cart is a buggy.  Love it.

2.  Everyone wants to be your friend.  Or at least they act like it because everyone waves when they drive by (on small streets, obviously not on the freeway or there would be significatly more accidents).  This fact is especially true when you have an adorable baby in tow. 

3.  Being polite is a way of life.  Yes, sir; yes, ma'am.  On this particular trip we went to two different grocery stores.  At both they didn't even bother to ask if I needed help with my bags to the car.  They just picked them up and followed me, chatting it up about my adorable baby (I was advised not to "go crazy" like one particular lady and have five.  I then informed her that I came from a family of seven, so five doesn't seem so crazy).  It was so nice because I really did need the help.  Previous to Ellie's birth, I always said I was fine with the groceries, even when I was 8 months pregnant, because I really felt that I was.  But it is rough going carrying a carseat with baby and transferring groceries and returning the cart and then putting the baby in the get the idea

Those are my top three reasons to love Texas.  Number four is the generally nice weather.  I love the snow, but I'm kind of glad that winter is basically over here.

The only exception to these is something that Ben would like me to point out, and I tend to agree.  Numbers 2 and 3 are thrown out the window once they get behind the wheel of a car.  They do not care if you have right of way, or even if it's just polite to let someone on the freeway whose lane is ending, or if you are getting cut off by a semi.  It matters not to them whether your life is in peril or not.  They were there first (or so they believe), and their truck is probably bigger so you should get out of the way.  Because everything is bigger in Texas.  To which I reply, if Alaska was cut in half then Texas would have to settle with being the third largest state.  So HA!

And here is the obligatory cute picture of Ellie.  She's laughing.  She has a big mouth like her father and a loud, raucous sort of laugh like her mother.
And she's going here from down-dog to plank.  We do yoga in the morning.  Really she's trying to figure out crawling and thinks her toes ought to be involved.


  1. Well, there are still some things in Utah that miss you guys.

  2. I'm glad that you are enjoying this wonderful state, for at least a couple of reasons. :) I still can't believe how close we live! I would love to get together with you sometime. I've never been up to Melissa, but wouldn't mind the drive. :) I believe it is only about 30 minutes away! I love following your blog! Such a cute family!

  3. I love the wiggle dance, and Texas sounds like a great place. Stephen might apply to the Dallas po-po department if things don't work out with the chp. they are hiring now. Ellie's way cute!!!!