Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stories and Pictures

I don't remember what I posted about last..  Did I mention yet that Eleanor is a pro at crawling?  Well, she is.  She pulls herself up on everything and then does a little wiggle dance and cruises.  She also figured out how to open the drawers in the bathroom, which means she is now barred from the bathroom until we put on some of those lock things.
Anyway, I'm posting cause I have pictures to share. And a small stories.
Story #1:  We bought Ellie some new pajamas.  Seemingly not a big deal, but here is why.
The pajamas we had for her size now were purchased at a yard sale.  And used by a baby who was decidedly wider than Ellie. She wriggled her whole little body through the neck during the night.

 Story #2: It was raining pretty heavy the other day and I was in the office sending out emails for Ben (or something slightly less productive), and Eleanor had crawled into the living room and was playing with toys.  Then I realized it was quiet.  She's old enough now that when she's quiet that usually means she's doing something she shouldn't (like ripping the last page out of my small Book of Mormon, but that's another story, nevermind, anyway...). So I went into the living room and was greeted by this sweet sight.
PS You know you wish you could rock ruffle-bum onsies too!

She was watching it rain, completely entranced.  That's my girl.  Maybe because I've almost always lived in the desert I find the rain fascinating to watch.  Story #2.5: I was watching my nephew and niece today and pointed out when it started raining pretty hard cause I think it's cool to watch.  My nephew just looked and said, "Yeah," and kept playing.  Guess it's just me.

Not-really-a-story #3:  Ellie has recently discovered the joys of being upside down.  I do "sack of potatoes" with her and after the first one she always thrusts her head back to get more.  Sometimes I just hold her this way, and she eats her toes.

And LOOK! She has four teeth!  
In addition to crawling like a pro, she also eats like one!  She eats everything I put in front of her.  Current popular favorites are fresh strawberries, mangos, bananas, avocados, grapefruit, oranges, tuna (yes, tuna), squash, yams, carrots, peas, pieces of my pb&j sandwiches, rice.  Basically anything I eat, she'll eat, as long as it's small enough and soft enough.  
She plays the funniest peek-a-boo games sometimes.  For instance, if I'm laying on the bed and she's on the floor, she'll stand up next the bed, peek and me, squat down and hold it, and then pop back up and grin open-mouthed.  She does this squatting thing over and over again at church on the pew.  Maybe she got the idea from going to exercise in the morning with me.
Anyway, she's a job...and a joy.  I meant to type joy at first...freudian slip I guess.


  1. So cute. And yes, I do wish I Could rock a ruffle bottomed onesie. I love frilly diaper covers, too!

  2. What are you talking about? i still do rock ruffle bottomed onesies. haha. James just really started crawling yesterday. agh! finally, he did it once last motn, just a couple of steps, and then stopped, it started more yesterday, but still doesn't like it much. we have this play date with natalie mcgarry, remember her? and her little boy crawls in circles around james and he just sits there, starring at him. James also has 3.5 teeth, and is drooling like crazy. Eli is so cute, BTW what is that thing over her packnplay?

  3. that's supposed to be month, not motn. also, "HE started more..." not "IT". opps.