Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Waiting Game

Many of you know that I'm not a particularly patient person, and if you didn't, well, you do now.  So last year when Ben was getting ready to graduate and I was considerably bigger with a baby in my belly we were applying for jobs.  In particular, we were hoping for a job with the Department of Defense teaching in a high school on a military base in Japan.  And that is really where we felt like Heavenly Father wanted us.

Fast forward over a year, and here we are in Melissa Texas still trying to make decisions and get that coveted job.  We still feel as though the Lord is guiding us and we are where we are supposed to be.  It was been wonderful to be here, near Ben's family, and in our fantastic ward.  We've certainly learned a lot and grown in many ways.  But we still feel the call to Japan.  And I can't keep my mouth shut any longer.  I'll spare you the suspense by saying we don't have a job yet, but stuff has been happening.  I can certainly see the Lord's hand at work and it's marvelous.  I just need to get this out of my system or I'll pop.

Every few months Ben would email the principals in Japan reminding them of how awesome he is, that he speaks Japanese, how much he wants to work for them, and how available he is.  It seems to have paid off.  In April a principal emailed him back and said he "may have a position that fits his unique certifications."  Namely, he needs a math teacher that can also teach Japanese.

Ben isn't yet qualified to teach Japanese, but he did minor in it and will be taking his certification test next week.  It's funny because Ben had stopped taking Japanese classes post-mission after he got his "free credits."  But he felt prompted while we were dating that he needed to minor in it.  So, ever heedful to the Spirit, he did.  It wasn't easy, but he worked his tail off and did it.

Back to current events, Ben and the principal have been communicating via email for several weeks, and on Friday the principal called and interviewed him.  It's clear that Ben doesn't have a lot of competition (really, Math and Japanese!  That's asking a lot), so we continue to feel quite optimistic, despite the fact that Ben is a newer teacher and therefore lower in their hiring sites.  But we should know in the next two weeks if the job is in fact ours.  And then it's hello Yokosuka, Japan!  It's about an hour south of Tokyo.

It's quite amazing the way things seem to have worked out for this.  It certainly isn't the path that Ben and I had envisioned, but it as been the best path for us I believe.  I'm so grateful for the hand of the Lord in our lives, and especially that I have a husband who is sensitive and obedient to the promptings of the Spirit.  Truly, whatever happens with this job, I know it's for the best because we've put it in God's hands, and that is definitely the safest place to be.

I told Ben that he should send a picture of Ellie in his thank you email to convince the principal to give him the job.  Because really, how could you refuse these faces!

Also for your entertainment, some videos.

Sorry the quality isn't the greatest on this one, it was from my cell phone.  But this is what she does whenever she hears music. 


  1. We will be incredibly sad to see you go. K especially will miss Ellie, but how exciting for you guys! I hope everything goes well and quickly for you!

  2. Miss Ellie will certainly be a dancer when she grows up! She's got amazing moves! Sorry I never emailed you back on Facebook. A Saturday would be great for us! Is Ben still tutoring in Plano? If not, we could do a Sunday dinner, or Saturday whatever time. Congrats on all the excitement with Japan! How great to see things happening!

  3. Wow. that's so cool! I hope you guys get to go. Ellie is so very cute. It looks and sounds like you have a wonderful family!

  4. I HOPE this works out for you guys! I think it would be GREAT to live over there. I would get confused with the language pretty quickly though.... :)