Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Men in My Life

I have been very blessed to have wonderful examples of righteous men and fathers in my life.  How thankful I am for each of them and the ways they have blessed me.  In particular, my own father and my husband have been sources of strength and inspiration.

My Dad
My dad is funny.  Really really funny, and rather silly too.  I have fond memories of him making up new lyrics to songs while driving in the car.  They were usually rather ridiculous, but we all laughed.  He taught me a love of history, geography, geology, and lots of other "y's."  He knows a little bit about a lot of things, which I always thought was cool, and so now when ever I spout random tidbits of trivia, Ben knows where I get it from.  

My dad has a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Here we are on my baptism day.  I felt so small compared to him (which wasn't difficult since he is large in stature), but so safe and I knew how proud he was for the choices I was making.  I remember walking to school with him sometimes and feeling like I was nearly running just to keep up. But it was always worth it.  I knew I wanted to marry someone like my dad.

My Ben
He's my very best friend.  We've yet to have an argument, partially because we are both so non-confrontational, but mostly because we are always on the same plane.   Because my dad could sing and dance I always thought it would be nice to have that in a husband, but certainly not necessary.  Ben has many talents, singing not the least among them, and they all conspire to make him my perfect match in every way, my favorite flavor of ice cream with all my favorite toppings.  I remember my dad saying that he knew Ben was right for me because I could be myself around him, and that is perfectly true.  He is hardworking, and honest, and funny.  Really really funny, and rather silly too.
When we first were married he was a little nervous about becoming a father because he's the youngest in his family and felt like he didn't have a lot of experience with children.  I think it comes to him pretty naturally.  I love watching him play with Ellie, rolling around on the ground or tossing her in the air.  He's become a natural at changing diapers, even as Ellie gets wigglier.  I know he will be the kind of example to our daughter that my father was to me.  And hopefully one day Ellie will find some man that reminds her of all of the wonderful qualities of her own father.  When she does, I know that she'll have made an excellent choice.

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  1. Two things:
    #1 I love your dance position in your baptism picture. Classic
    #2 I just cried reading this post. I love how happy you are in life. I am so tired of waiting for my Ben to show up.

    * I miss you everyday