Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Photos

Much has happened since my last post; namely, we now live in Japan.  But let's not jump ahead.  Before we left, my brother Jonathan and his wife Kim came to visit.  They are beyond awesome.  Jonathan recently joined the National Guard in Washington (mostly to pay for medical schoolish stuff, let's be honest), and is currently in San Antonio for his training.  So he secured leave and they drove up to see us the weekend before we left.
Ellie loved Jonathan and Kim.  Maybe it's because they look like Ben and I.  Whatever, it was so fun to see them.
We also FINALLY took a picture of Ellie with her Lewis grandparents.  Can you believe we lived with them for a year and only have a handful of photos of Ellie with them?  That's some serious slacking on my part.
The McKneely clan came over the Sunday before we left for dinner.  We made BBQ meatballs because that is what we eat before moving.  We sure love our nieces and nephews, and Ellie does too.  She thinks they are the funniest kids in the world.

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