Friday, August 20, 2010


See, we really are in Japan.  Both Ben and I had to attend a Area Orientation Briefing after we got here.  Part of it was a field trip to Kamakura to see a very famous Shinto shrine built here in the late 1100's.  This is the third gate leading to the shrine, which you can see in the background.  It's a large building on huge grounds.  But the day that Ben went it was raining, and when I went it was too hot to stroll around.  So we plan to go back to Kamakura in a month or so with Ellie and take more pictures.

Speaking of Ellie...
She recently discovered a little splash park-ish area by the Navy Lodge and just loves it.
She also discovered curry.
Which she loves.  Don't worry, we got her the mildest kind.  It was basically gravy on rice.  But don't you love that face.  Lately, whenever she gets excited when she sees something she goes "Oooooh." It's precious.
I love curry too.

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