Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beijing Stop No. 4 or 5...what am I at now?

Tian'anmen Square!

We came here after seeing the Great Wall and eating lunch across the street at the world's largest KFC (where I think a worker was trying to tell me that Ellie was to small to play in the playplace, but I feigned ignorance and let her play).  

At any rate, this square is massive.  Really, really huge.  We were too late to go into the mausoleum and see dead, frozen Chairman Mao, but it's all good.  
Ellie enjoyed running around holding her monkey harness.
 Of course the Chinese there were constantly snapping Ellie's photo.  By this time it was no longer a novelty and now just slightly annoying.  Especially if they would try to pick her up or "ask" to hold her (and by ask I mean try to take from my arms).  Luckily Ellie had no desire to be held by a stranger and would cry or run away. Plus she was tired!


Behind us is the entrance to the Forbidden City (the next stop on our tour).  We are quite far away from it so it's difficult to tell that the picture of Mao hanging above the entrance is at least 20 feet tall.  That's one huge portrait.

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