Thursday, February 2, 2012

7 Months

Seriously, where does the time go.

Clara is sitting up all by herself now, and rolls successfully in both directions, though it's still a bit tough to go from her tummy to her back.
She's an expert smiler. In fact, just a few days ago Eleanor had a modeling job for ELLE Japan (the magazine), but she was being a bit uncooperative.  So they used Clara for a bit. And she was such a great little model.

She loves her pacificier, and has taken quite well to eating solids now.  Though she's only had oatmeal, bananas, and carrots to date.  I think today we'll try out peas.

She's quite easily contented.  Her latest favorite things to play with are piles of ribbon, fabric measuring tapes, triangles of fabric...oh yeah, I've been finishing up Ellie's pennant quilt so there has been a lot of sewing paraphernalia to play with.

She still has no teeth.  Whatever, no majorly painful bites while nursing!

Ben's been gone this week, so I've been working on Clara sleeping through the night. And just like magic, it only took three nights, but last night she only woke up for a few minutes around 3 am to whimper and then promptly fell back asleep.  Please let it last!

We sure love having this girl around.