Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Space Science Center

 This past Saturday we didn't have rehearsal and the weather was nice so we took the train out to Yokohama (Eleanor's preferred mode of transportation) and visited the Hamagin Space Science Center.  It was a blast. And only 400yen for the entrance fee, since we decided to forgo the planetarium and film (though I'd like to go back and see that too!).  FYI-400yen is about $5, which is pretty inexpensive for Japan.
 We played with colored lights and shadows. Ben and Ellie did a cool virtual reality thing but I didn't get a picture of it.  It was pretty hysterical though.

Our favorite part was the "astronaut training" which was essentially a really awesome indoor playground.Clara even got in on the fun, you know, sitting on the bouncy foam...thing...

 Ellie putting styrofoam balls in a jet stream.
 Clara on the bouncy foam...thing...
 Ellie on the bouncy foam...thing...
Clara conducting electricity.  She thought this was pretty cool.

It's great to find fun, cheap places to take the girls here, especially when it is cold.  I definitely see another visit in our future.

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  1. Caleb had a field trip there last year...we loved it! :)