Monday, May 14, 2012

A Little Ballerina

Eleanor had her first ballet class last Friday. She woke up that morning bright and early, a little too early really, which explains the minor meltdown she had during the last five minutes of class. But I digress...

She wanted a pink tutu for class. I didn't have any pink tulle, but I did have some shiny, stretchy pink stuff, so voila! A pink tutu-dance skirt. She I showed it to her she said, "It's too small." Meaning it's not poofy, like her white tutu, or the tutus she's seen on the Nutcracker. But then I reminded her that we were fresh out of pink tulle, and then she was cool with it.

Class was fun. Her teacher is a sweet Japanese lady who is really great with a class full of two to three year olds.  Mostly Ellie liked watching herself in the mirror. Little narcissist.

She had a little meltdown at the end when another little girl tried to get into my bag. She freaked out. It was kind of funny really.

Now she likes to practice plies and chairs at home. It's adorable.

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