Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Onesies Gift

So I saw this really cool idea for a baby gift, and I had to replicate it. And now I'm so proud of how it turned out I have to show it off. Lucky for me, there are two sisters in our branch expecting babies in the next month, one boy and one girl. So I went to town!
The general idea is to make a onesie with the number of months old that the baby is for each month for a year so you can take a picture of them each month to show their growth and show off how ridiculously adorable your baby is.  I did months 0-12.
If you want to do it, this is what you'll need.
A bunch of onesies from sizes 0-12 months. Here was my basic break down:
size 0-3: month #0, 1, 2
size 3-6: month #3, 4, 5
size 6-9: month #6, 7, 8
size 12: month #9, 10, 11, 12

acrylic paint. I picked up small tubes at our 100Yen shop, including a pearlized white to make some pretty pastel-ish colors for the girl set. I mixed my own purple and orange through a little trial and error
number stencil
something round, I used a glass vase because it was the right size (about 3 inch diameter) and I wanted it to be see through so I could be sure to center the number.

* Before you start, be sure to put a bit of cardboard inside the onesie to keep paint from leaking through the back side.
Center the number you are doing on the onesie. Hold the stencil in place and dab on your paint.

Remove stencil and voila!

Apply paint to the rim of your vase (or whatever you choose to you).

Carefully center it over the number and...

...press it firmly in place. Then remove to reveal your circle.

If it is a little to splotchy, feel free to fill it in with a very fine brush.

Repeat. Just as a note, when doing the double digit numbers it is best to wait until the first number is dry to apply the second number

Here are the girl onesies. You can't tell, but they are a little shimmery because my white was pearlized
Here are the boy onesies.

I really loved how this gift turned out. I like it so much that I'm making my own for the next time I have a baby! Honestly, it's probably a bit pricier than I would normally do for a gift because you have to buy so many onesies, but if you are doing several gifts, the breakdown isn't too bad. Usually onesies come in a pack of 4 or 5 (I swear it used to be six), so for mine I bought 6 packs of onesies. 
Also, the paint is permanent and it won't bleed onto other things. It will look slightly faded after washing, but in a worn in tee-shirt kind of way.

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