Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adventures in Diaper Changing

Ellie doesn't really like having her clothes changed...

so you would think that she would do more to prevent this terrible thing from occurring so frequently! I know, she can't help that she spits up all the time or when her diaper leaks. But lately she has taken to peeing just after I pull out the old diaper and reach to put the new one under. It's hysterical! Today she did it twice! I've been cautious about wiping her off with the old diaper underneath, just in case. But when I look away for the briefest moment, I turn back to find the changing table wet, along with her entire backside. And she just lays there, looking innocent (which she does exceptionally well).
So she got two mini-baths, which she loves...perhaps that is why she does it. At any rate, it really doesn't matter. She's cute. She's cute when she smiles and makes faces, when she cries (throwing back her head so you can see her, as if to say "Look at how sad I am! Don't you want to comfort and love me!"), and even when she pees all over herself.


  1. That's funny, cute, and disgusting all at the same time!

  2. Have you ever heard about "elimination communication"? Matt and I picked up a parenting book called Diaper Free Baby that is all about training your baby really early to go to the bathroom in a toliet. You learn their cues for when they need to go, and then you hold them over a toliet...pretty intense!