Sunday, August 16, 2009

One week in Texas

Well, we have been in Texas for one full week now. We are officially members of the Melissa Ward, as our records have arrived. Here is Ellie all dressed for her first foray at church. This dress was mine when I was a baby. My mom can correct my if I'm wrong. I just love how she looks like she's posing for this picture, but in all reality it is a suspended moment of her random arm failing. Ben taught Elder's Quorom today, so that makes it even more official. I can drive myself to Walmart, my in-laws, and church (though I haven't actually done that one yet), and probably Target too. I can turn off and on the alarm system, use the fancy "high efficiency" washer and dryer, and the dish network TV at the house we are staying at (we are currently house sitting).

I cannot, however, find a satisfactory substitute for the bread we used to purchase in Provo. This seriously irks me. It's a problem I didn't really forsee-that we would have to find new staples for our food. They don't have the same tortillas, bread, applesauce, or western family brand foods(at least I can't find it). It's strange. Margarine comes in a different shape. Why is that? Why does it matter? How much does it cost Imperial margarine to produce two different shapes of the same product? I can't fathom the reasoning behind it. Luckily these aren't life and death matters. Just strange little things I hadn't thought about. So if anyone knows were you can purchase a multi-grain bread with plenty of dietary fiber that is larger than the palm of Ben's hand for under $2, please let me know. I'm missing my bread.


  1. Were you buying like Milton's before? You may try Cosco or Sam's Club for good bread, whichever is closer to you. P.S. I love Ellie's dress!

  2. Hey Summer! Where in Texas are you? Is the Melissa Ward in Melissa, TX? We are living in Plano right now, which is just south of Melissa, TX. I would love to come and see you and your cute family!

  3. I just got recruited to bring back Grandma Sycammore's with me on the next trip I take to Utah. It was from a coworker who moved east three years ago and still misses it. You are not alone.