Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eleanor's Blessing

I just laid Ellie down to sleep after a few hours of fussing. And there is no better way to deal with the frustration of that than by remembering why I love her so much. So, here is to Ellie, in all her fussy, adorable glory...(being held by her Grandpa Brown)
We blessed Ellie on our last day in the Provo 4th ward-really our last day in Provo period. (as a sidenote, after living there for nearly 8 years, it is really strange to leave. I lived there longer than I ever lived in Pahrump, though not as long as Panaca). Because my Aunt Lisa got married the day before (yeah!), a lot of my Konold relatives were in town for the blessing. A tradition has developed in my family with the middle name Lee. My Grandma, Sunny Lee Konold was the oldest girl in her family. The middle name Lee was taken from her Grandmother Emma Lee. Liking the middle name of Lee, Sunny Lee named her oldest daughter Diane Lee Konold who named her first Daughter Summer Lee Brown (that's me), so I thought I would keep the tradition alive and name my first daughter Eleanor Lee Lewis. Below is the four generation of "Lee Girls" Sunny Lee, Summer Lee, Eleanor Lee, Diane Lee.

I had just finished nursing before we took pictures, and she wasn't too happy that she didn't get her normal rocking to sleep. Oh well, grin and bear it.
Don and Deon had driven their truck up from Texas to help us move down there. Here is a picture of them with Ben, Eleanor and I. It was wonderful to have family there for this special day. And my best friend Tiffanie came with her niece, Holly, who was in town for EFY.


  1. She's adorable Summer! You guys did good!!!

  2. Yay!!! That warms my heart you put me on there. She really is quite adorable!