Friday, November 27, 2009

Things I'm Thankful For

1.  My wonderful little family.  I have an awesome husband who works so hard at everything he does and is a good man.  And my little Ellie is such a joy.  It is a wonder to look at her and think about where she came from and how much is ahead of her, and a little daunting to think about the important role I play in that, but still the most exciting thing I've ever done.

Seriously, how can you not love these two faces?

2.  A wonderful extended family.  I married into such a great family.  They are so talented and generous!

3.  And food...because it's Thanksgiving!  Last Thanksgiving I was 8 weeks pregnant and very nauseous all the time, so I didn't get to eat as much as I wanted.  This year...well,  let's just say I want to start training for a 5K.  Just kidding, I didn't over do it, but I do want to start training for a 5K.  It's my newest goal.

That's all.  Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Ummm Summer, I love you and therefore I can say this as I'm seriously laughing, maybe even a little bit outloud. You don't train for a 5K. You just do it. Usually day 1 of a training schedule for anything in the running world is "run 3 miles"...a 5k is 3.1 :) Want me to come out and do a 5K with you?

  2. oh so precious. btw you look great summer, i on the otherhand still have 30 pounds to lose from being preggers.