Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas So Far...

The first "Christmasy" thing we did this year is go to a local nativity exhibit that our stake was holding.  There were hundreds of different nativities, even some from Alaska that were like mine.  Someday Ben and I will buy a "real" nativity, but in the meantime, this one will do.

Plus, it always reminds me of my mission.

Our ward has a Christmas Brunch at our NEW meetinghouse this past Saturday.  Ben had a meeting, so Ellie and I went down there with Grandma and Grandpa Lewis.  I took this opportunity to take Ellie's first picture with Santa.  She was kind of tired, so wasn't really interested in smiling, but she's cool with Santa, so at least it's not a screaming picture (though that might be more amusing to look back on).

We also set up our Christmas tree (that we bought last New Year's on clearance for 12.95-score!) and lights (ditto, paid a dollar a box or something).  We only own about 5 ornaments, so Don and Deon pulled theirs out and we put them on.

 Ellie liked looking at the lights and playing with the angel (see my lap) from a plush nativity set that Don and Deon own.  It was great fun to decorate while listening to Nat King Cole. When we first were married I asked Ben if there was anything special we needed to do for Christmas, and listening to Nat King Cole was the first on his list.

Just saying hi.
We are very excited to drive to Nevada next week to spend Christmas with my side of the family, especially since some of them have never seen Ellie (like my brother Andrew and my Brown grandparents).  We love this time of year because of the focus on family, but especially the focus on Christ.  How thankful I am that He was born, that He came to earth as our Savior and King.  Joy to the world indeed!


  1. How fun! We had one of those nativity exhibits too and I thought it was great!

    I love the picture of Ellie on Santa's lap! So cute!