Sunday, May 1, 2011

Catching Up in China: Nanjing Part 5

While in Nanjing we celebrated both Christmas and our 3rd Anniversary!  It was so good to be with family for Christmas.  We skyped all of the parents (both our and Crystal and Aaron's), and went to a LDS branch party with Crystal and Aaron.  Just to clarify, yes there are LDS branches in China.  They are only open to foreign passport holders and if you bring someone Chinese you'll get in big trouble.  Anyway, they have a pretty good sized branch because BYU does a study abroad program there and whatnot. So here is Christmas!

Crystal and Aaron gave Ellie a Chinese suit for Christmas.  We opted to leave the bum hole sewn closed.
Quite possibly my most favorite picture of Ellie, because it is SO her!
 It was especially fun to celebrate our anniversary with Crystal and Aaron since we had our weddings together.  We went to a funny restaurant that served various cuisines "Chinese style." For instance, I had fajitas.  And for some unknown reason the restaurant (called Tacos) was all decorated in hearts.  We loved it.

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  1. I'm so jealous. Stephen wants to get into the air force, but right now the wait for officers into the academy is over a year. he still is going to try for it though. we we're thinking turkey, near my mission would be fun, or somewhere totally new, like japan. maybe if we ever have enough money 9right like that's gonna happen) we could totally come see japan and china. you guys look like you're having a blast.