Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching Up in China: Shanghai Part 2

We went on a date our second night in Shanghai to see the circus there.  Crystal and Aaron were awesome and watched Ellie for us.  It's nothing like an American circus.  It was more like Cirque du Soleil-Chinese style.  We had a blast.  The geo-dome behind us is their theater.  We were particularly impressed by the 8 motorcycles in cage act (WOW!).  And I really liked the couple that did an acrobatic dance/act with the fabric hanging from the ceiling.
Our last day in Shanghai we knew we had to "walk the Bund" and take pictures of the financial district on the other side.  It was FREEZING.  We didn't do too much walking.  Ellie loved running around on the Bund, and trying to climb up on the railings.  Until she fell and knocked her head pretty good on a sharp corner.
The gang in front of the financial district.  There were some seriously cool looking buildings, but we never had time to go over.

The Huangpu River

I'm not sure who is taking who for a walk.


 We left the Bund and walked the few blocks to our hotel and gathered up our things.  Our plan was to take the subway all the way to the airport, because it was cheaper, and we're cheap frugal.  However, what happened next was this (name that movie!):  the Shanghai Incident.
Frankly, I don't want to get into the particulars of it here, because I know that Aaron already blogged about the whole story, so as soon as I have a link (here's the link) to it, I'll post it.  The short version is that as we were heading to the escalator to catch the subway, Ellie's stroller made contact with a very old Chinese woman.  Obviously I didn't do it on purpose.  Whether or not she did is up for debate (seriously, read the link when I post it and you'll understand).  Security got involved, then the police (which they didn't really need to), and eventually Ben, Ellie, and I had to take a taxi to the airport and leave Crystal and Aaron to work out the particulars, which got pretty hairy, and cost us about $200.  It was a mess.  I was sad to leave China on such a bad note.  We had so thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hadn't had really any negative experiences up to that point.  Oh well, nothing can be perfect I guess.

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