Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Months

It's funny how time seems to go in jumps and starts and slow motion with babies...and sometimes life in general.
Clara just keeps getting bigger and smarter and shows more of her sweet little personality every day.
She still grins at the drop of the hat which is just the sweetest thing ever (or at least tied with Eleanor saying, "Oh, music fell down," whenever I turn down the music in the car).
She occasionally rolls over by herself, but not in an reliable fashion.
I remember that Ellie was sitting up pretty well on her own by Christmastime (we have photographic evidence of it to remind me), but Clara doesn't show much interest in sitting.  Nearly every time I try to help her sit she stiffens up her legs and backs and tries to stand up, which she does surprisingly well (and obviously with someone holding her arms for balance).
She adores Eleanor and will grin and laugh whenever she looks at her.
Even though she isn't yet sleeping through the night (please, soon, please!), she's such a pleasant baby that it's hard to mind.

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  1. She seems like a very sparkly cute. And that whole music fell down thing, well, I'm just going to smile about that all day.