Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Break!

We are only two days into Christmas Break, but it has been so fun so far.
On Saturday we went to Mikasa Park, a Japanese park right outside of base.  Ellie enjoyed running around and dancing to the music and watching the "dancing water." And so did Ben, as evidenced by this video:

There is a small shell amphitheater at the park that Ellie and Ben enjoyed making noise in.
It was quite cold, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Then we attended our church's Christmas Nativity display and Christmas "concert." Mostly because Ben sang in the choir, and sang a solo (he sang "Silent Night" in Japanese).

And on Sunday I got the girls all matchy-matchy green squared in some outfits my mom had made for my brother and I when we were quite small. But the dress for Ellie was a little short, so I don't think they'll get to wear them together again.

Don't you love Ellie's face!?

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