Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Dangers of Reading

Before Eleanor was even born, my dad picked up this book to give to her called "I Already Know I Love You" by Billy Crystal (which is really a fantastic book).  So the other day we sat down to read it together.  Like many babies, Ellie is enamoured with paper.  She wants to grab it and put it in her mouth-like everything else.  So it's a delicate dance to read her a book without letting her destroy it.  This time, I lost.

I didn't notice anything until she was trying again to grab a page as I turned it and I saw a little red spot on her finger.  She'd gotten a paper cut.  She didn't cry or make any fuss about it.  We went and rinsed it off and got a bandaid from Grandpa Lewis.  She got her first owie and didn't even complain, until I was trying to hold her hand still to get the bandaid on.
It was a cool one with Sesame Street characters on it. 
Which she promptly tried to put in her mouth and chew on. 
What a girl.

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  1. Poor baby.... I hate paper cuts.... she didn't eat the book though... right?! I hate when the girls ruin books.. especially ones from grandparents.. those are even MORE special!